Furniture Consignment

  • Items are taken on consignment at the sole discretion of Sweet Lime Furnishings.
  • The owner must pay to transport the item(s) to Sweet Lime Furnishings.
  • The owner must pay for any repairs necessary to get the item ready to sell.
  • The owner must set the price for the item. The price the item sells for will be split 60%40%, 60% going to the owner of the item.
  • Sweet Lime Furnishings accepts no financial responsibility for the item in the event of a natural disaster such as a hurricane.
  • If the item has not sold in 60 days, the owner agrees to have it removed from Sweet Lime Furnishings within 14 days at the owner’s expense. The owner may choose to donate the item, in which case it may be possible to have it picked up by the organization to which it is donated. If the item is not promptly removed at the end of 60 days, Sweet Lime Furnishings reserves the right to donate it.